There are five emotional aspects in your life you need to keep in balance.

  • Physicality – refers to your physical body.
  • Intuition – refers to your “gut instincts?”.
  • Motivation – refers to what drives you in life.
  • Logic – refers to your intelligence, sometimes thought of as “Left brain” thinking.
  • Creativity – refers to your artistic ability, sometimes thought of as “Right brain” thinking.

Personally at this moment in time, the main aspect I find to be out of balance for me is the Motivation aspect. From an emotional standpoint, the “Why” you do something should outweigh “How” you do it, yet I believe I have always been far too caught up in the “How” to do things. 

Thus, to bring Motivation into balance it is suggested to focus more on determining what is the main driver for “me,” subjectively, in each given task. The questions I need to ask are, Am I driven to:

  • Help others?
  • To be Intellectually Challenged?
  • To seek Financial Success?
  • To be an Innovator?
  • Other …

In her book Swart suggests being clear about your “WHY” is the key to your motivation. Your “Why” MUST be strong enough to get you out of bed in the morning, it needs to be the driver of your life and be the force that keeps you going.

The stronger your purpose, the more momentum you will have to drive you forward.

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